When Does the Mail Come? Find Out When Your Mail Arrives

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When Does the Mail Come?  Get rid of that empty-mailbox feeling!


Do you know the empty feeling of going to check your mailbox only to find that it’s empty because the mail hasn’t been delivered yet?  If we were asked, “When does the mail come?”, I think most of us would answer, “No clue!  It comes at a different time everyday!”

So you go check your mailbox over and over.  Did the mail not come yet or did I just not get anything today?  Who knows!  It’s worse if you are having to walk down a long driveway or cross a busy road.  Sometimes we are in the car driving home and before we pull up the driveway we think, “Should I check the mail?”.  So you pull up to the box (sometimes blocking traffic or putting yourself in a precarious position) and pull down the door only to subject yourself to that that oh so familiar feeling of an empty mailbox.  Not anymore!  Let us put an end to the great unknown of “when does the mail come?”



When does the mail come



Mail Time! Alert Flag

This simple contraption, which only costs about $15, consists of a bright yellow, metal flag that raises up when your mailbox door is opened.  You can know immediately if your mail has been delivered just by looking out your house window or glancing at your mailbox when driving up.  No more rolling down the car window on a rainy day or walking to the mailbox in the cold, all for nothing.

Easy to install, this simply designed system only requires one screw to attach it to your mailbox.


when does the mail come

when does the mail come


when does the mail comewhen does the mail come

The bracket and flag are constructed of rust-proof aluminum and made in the USA.  This is truly one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!” products

Please be aware that your mailbox must be the type where the door has a lip around the edge that goes over the mailbox when closed.  This is typical for most mailboxes, but there are a few different designs out there.

We truly hope your mail retrieval experiences are never the same!


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when does the mail come

9 Responses

  1. BOB

    I get some orange flag tape then tie it to the end of a small chain or nylon rope. I then attach the bitter end (W/O the orange tape) to the mail box lower side with a screw. The flag is put inside the door and edge. Close the door on it. When the carrier opens the door the flag falls out and Hangs. It is easy to See the flag hanging on the chain. Simple, cheap and efficient. Get mail and put flag back. Use scrap stuff you have laying around in your garage. You don’t.have to pay $$$ for this it just works. “A country boy can survive”. Just country engineering. Your Welcome, BOB

    • Ray Drake

      Get a driveway alarm. Put transmitter in box at back. Put reciever inside home at window. $25 ? You’re welcome. Ray Drake

      • DIY Mailboxes

        Hello Ray,

        Not a bad idea at all! This would work. The only drawback would be another thing that needs batteries and re-charging.

        Thanks for the tip!

  2. Paul C

    The post office now does a service that takes a picture of your mail and emails it to you.

  3. Martha harrington

    I’m not receiving my mail at 700 Oakes I’m missing deo System checks And the name of Ernest Harris 700 oaks we think the mailman is putting on melt if other people mailbox with several people bringing mail to home that didn’t belong at their home

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