Wet Mail Problems & Solutions

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Do you have a Wet Mail Problem?

If you have a wet mail problem, you know what it’s like to go to the mailbox, open the door, and there lies a pile of floppy, squishy paper that used to be your mail.  The envelopes are wrinkled, the ink is smeared, and it’s just wet.  Then you try to open it so that it will dry out faster, but in so doing the paper tears and pulls apart making the mess worse.

wet mail


Leaks Caused by Holes, Cracks, or Seams

You are most likely getting wet mail because your mailbox is not “water tight”.  Rain falls on your mailbox and then travels down the sides and back and underneath.  Usually, the leak occurs at the seams where the mailbox is made and joined together.  If this is the case, you can try  sealing your mailbox using Flex Seal, a clear, watertight rubber coating.  This product comes in a spray can and you basically just spray it on.  The liquid spray seeps into any holes, seams, or cracks and creates a water barrier around your mailbox.  It may require a couple of coats, depending on the size of your leaks.  Also, depending on your weather, you may have to repeat this process in a few years as the elements will wear on the coating over time.

flex seal for wet mailWet Mail

Leaks Caused by Rust and Deterioration of the Mailbox

We have shown before how you can fix a mailbox door without replacing the entire mailbox.  This will show you how to repair the mailbox structure without tearing up your enclosure, replacing the mailbox, and of course, without hiring an expensive repair service (this is a DIY site after all!)

wet mail

If the inside of your mailbox is rusted and riddled with holes, then it’s time to repair it.  No more wet mail, no more rust stains, and no more dirt.  The clever people at the BayShore Mailbox Company have invented what they call the Rust Sleeve.  It’s basically a liner for the inside of your mailbox and once installed, you would hardly know it’s there!  It consists of a flexible ABS arch for the top portion and a rigid aluminum floor for the bottom of the mailbox.  It installs quickly and does not require any tools, chemicals, or expensive contractors.

wet mail

wet mail

The ABS arch liner is reversible, so you can use either the white or black side.  In case you’re wondering, ABS is a highly-regarded material that is waterproof, long-lasting, and suitable for outside temperature extremes.  The product comes in two sizes (Small 6.25″x8″ & Large 8″x10″).  It works in all metal mailboxes at these dimensions, but has not been tested for all plastic mailboxes.  The small size retails on their website for $37.95 and large the sells for $47.95.

We could explain how to install it, but Bayshore has already made an installation video that does an excellent job!

As shown in the video, combine the rust sleeve with a snap-in door replacement, and you have essentially have replaced your entire mailbox structure in under 20 minutes!

Leaks Caused by the Door Falling Open

 Another common cause is a mailbox door that does not shut properly.  If you have a metal mailbox, you can make sure the lip of the door is sliding completely over the mailbox opening when it is closed.  Also be sure that the clasp is functioning correctly and keeping the door closed.  If your clasp is broken, you can purchase a new Plastic Latch Set for less than $20.00.
Latch for wet mail
wet mail


New Mailbox Options That Keep the Rain Out

You may come to the conclusion that your mailbox is just too far gone to be repaired or you have decided you want to just replace it completely so as to avoid repeating the repair process in the future.  The number of mailbox options are almost endless, but here are a couple that are especially resistant to wet mail.


The Gibraltar TB1 is one of most well-made mailboxes you will find.  This one is made from 20 pounds of heavy steel, has a piano-hinged door, a steel metal flag, and a recessed opening where rain can’t find its way in.


The MailMaster Plus from Step2 is rugged mailbox and post combination that includes rear access, a newspaper slot, and magnetic doors.  This one is also very wet mail and weather resistant, but made with lighter materials.


OR, you could go with the Microwave Mailbox

wet mail
It is wet mail resistant, accommodates small packages, and has a latching door!   However, we recommend your try the aforementioned options first.


Please comment if you have any suggestions or ideas for combating the wet mail problem.


9 Responses

  1. Lily Radliff

    We have a brand new Gibraltar “leakproof” mailbox (as stated on this website) and it leaks! Our mailbox is slanting back a little, and we think this might have something to do with it?????

    • Buffy

      Have the same problem with the Gibraltar mailbox – soggy mail. Have you found a solution?

    • Kasey Woo

      I live is Los Angeles and it doesn’t rain too often. When it rains my mail is always wet. I’ve contacted Gibraltar and they never replied. I’ve had this mailbox for over 7 years.

  2. Adam

    I just coincidentally replaced my old Mailmaster with the Gibraltar because I had wet mail in the mailmaster. Just fyi. I hope the Gibraltar works better!

  3. Dawn

    When applying Flex Seal to a mailbox, do you spray it with the lid open or closed?

  4. Ma

    Bought a Gibraltar Mailboxes Hamilton Post Mount Mailbox, every time we have rain our mail is wet.

    Any advice as to how to fix this huge problem.

  5. SD Gibson

    We purchased a Gibraltar mailbox and our mail gets wet everytime it rains. Anyone found a fix?

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