How to Replace a Mailbox in a Brick Enclosure

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How to replace mailbox in a brick enclosure

How to replace a mailbox in a brick enclosure in less than 20 minutes



How in the world do you replace a mailbox in a brick enclosure without saws, grinders, and brick and mortar?  In short, you can’t.  But there are ways to make your mailbox seem brand new again and no one will ever know the difference!


We have shown before how you can fix a mailbox door without replacing the entire mailbox.  This time we will show you how to repair the mailbox structure without tearing up your enclosure and of course, without hiring an expensive repair service (this is a DIY site after all!)

How to Replace a Mailbox in a Brick Enclosure


If the inside of your mailbox is rusted and riddled with holes, then it’s time to repair it.  No more wet mail, no more rust stains, and no more dirt.  The clever people at the BayShore Mailbox Company have invented what they call the Rust Sleeve.  It’s basically a liner for the inside of your mailbox and once installed, you would hardly know it’s there!  It consists of a flexible ABS arch for the top portion and a rigid aluminum floor for the bottom of the mailbox.  It installs quickly and does not require any tools, chemicals, or expensive contractors.

How to Replace a Mailbox in a Brick Enclosure

How to Replace a Mailbox in a Brick Enclosure

The ABS arch liner is reversible, so you can use either the white or black side.  In case you’re wondering, ABS is a highly-regarded material that is waterproof, long-lasting, and suitable for outside temperature extremes.  The product comes in two sizes (Small 6.25″x8″ & Large 8″x10″).  It works in all metal mailboxes at these dimensions, but has not been tested for all plastic mailboxes.  The small size retails on their website for $37.95 and large the sells for $47.95.

We could explain how to install it, but Bayshore has already made an installation video that does an excellent job!


As shown in the video, combine the rust sleeve with a snap-in door replacement, and you essentially have replaced your mailbox in a brick enclosure in under 20 minutes!  Most importantly, you Did It Yourself!

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