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Let us never make a fruitless trip to the mailbox again.  Always know when your mail has been delivered.

Mail has been delivered


It’s possible to always know when your mail has been delivered just by looking out your window.  This visual mail signal system lets you know if you had mail delivered that day with just a quick glance.

This little gadget is a simple concept, but very effective.  This device is basically made up of a yellow ball, a spring, and a small bracket which attaches to your mailbox.  The idea is that you load the spring and ball in the provided slot inside your mailbox and close the door.  Then, when your mail carrier opens the door to deliver your mail, the ball raises and stands upright, alerting you that your mail has been delivered!

As a result, instead of walking to your mailbox to see if your mail has been delivered, you can simply look outside and see if your alert signal is showing.  As far as installation, there is only one bolt and one bracket, so it installs pretty easy for the DIY person.


Mail has been delivered

Mail has been deliveredmail alert



For less than $10.00, we think this little time-saver is a pretty good deal.


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When does the mail come





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