LED Mailbox Light – Get a Mailbox Light

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LED Mailbox Light

This LED Mailbox Light means no more blindly sticking your hand into the dark mailbox!


Have you ever found yourself going to the mailbox at night, opening the mailbox door, and slowly sticking your hand inside not knowing what you are going to encounter?  Is there mail inside or worse, something that’s not mail at all!?  If so, get an LED Mailbox Light!


LED Mailbox Light


These days we are able to have lights everywhere and it just makes sense to have a mailbox light.  It’s such a simple solution and yet, most of us are still in the dark when it comes to our mailbox. The Bayshore Mailbox Company is seeking to solve this problem with their new LED Mailbox Light, and doing so very effectively.

LED Mailbox Light

Product Highlights

  • Motion-Sensored
    • The led light only turns on when it senses motion, saving battery power
  • Auto Shut-Off
    • Once the light no longer senses motion, it shuts off automatically after 15 seconds
  • Daylight Sensor
    • LED light only activates when detecting motion in the dark, not in daylight, again saving battery power
  •  Magnetic Mounting Strip
    • Magnetic strip mounts inside the mailbox using strong 3M adhesive, making for easy removal and re-attachment of the LED light



Mailbox Light Installation

This part could not be any easier!  Simply peel away the backing from the 3M magnetic strip and attach it to the inside top of your mailbox.  Done and done!













Important Concluding Points

This LED Mailbox Light stands out for a few reasons:

  1. Mounts at the top of your mailbox and not the back, avoiding the problem of blinding light when trying to see inside
  2. Horizontal form-factor lights up the entire mailbox
  3. Bright, warm-glow white LED light

Most importantly, this product is sold by the Bayshore Mailbox Company, a family-owned business, operating with solid values.

    • They specialize in mailbox products and they know their business
    • Based in Apopka, Florida, USA
    • Low-price guarantee, will match any authorized online competitor
    • They stand behind their products and provide exceptional customer service


This Mailbox Light is currently selling for only $10.99 online at the Bayshore Mailbox Company website.


For more ideas, we have previously reviewed a couple of other Bayshore Mailbox products including their Retrofit Rust Sleeves and Retrofit Door Replacements.



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