How to Fix a Mailbox Door

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How to Fix a Mailbox Door

DIY Methods for How to Fix a Mailbox Door


A broken mailbox door can be very annoying for your mail carrier and can lead to a host of problems for your mail.  If your door is barely hanging on, as in the above picture, your mail is in full view for anyone passing by (think theft of small packages).  Your mail is also subjected to the weather which can lead to having your mail blown away by the wind or even worse, wet mail.  Here are a couple of quick and easy DIY ways on how to fix a mailbox door.


Retrofit Doors for Metal Mailboxes



How to Fix a Mailbox Door

How to Fix a Mailbox Door



How to Fix a Mailbox Door


This is the way to go if you have a brick encased mailbox.  This door is designed so that it snaps into your existing mailbox opening and is held in place from the inside with spring-loaded metal clips.  You are not required to do any cutting, drilling, or anything else destructive.  You do have to remove your current door, if it’s still attached.  Then, just take the replacement door and “snap” it into the opening of your existing mailbox and you are done.  If you are leery about whether or not this really does work, check out the near perfect reviews on Amazon.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this route is that you don’t have to tear up your brick to replace the whole mailbox.  These come in different sizes so measure your door height to see if you have the standard 6.25″ or the standard 8″.  These are available in black, white or natural aluminum.

You can also buy these directly from the Bayshore Mailbox Company.


Plastic Mailboxes

If you have a plastic mailbox, you may just be experiencing a clasp that is functioning incorrectly and failing to keep the door closed.  If you really love your current plastic mail box, you can buy a latch set for plastic mailboxes for under $20.

Broken mailbox door






However, at this price point, we recommend just replacing your mailbox.  There are many plastic mailboxes available at this price or even less.


Be sure to read our other articles for DIY solutions to common mailbox problems and questions!


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