How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox Post

How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox

Learn How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox Post


Over the years, many mailbox posts tend to develop a slight lean.  It may be caused by too many close calls with the snow plow, soil erosion, post rot, or just an improper installation.  No matter how beautiful your actual mailbox may be, its beauty is tainted by the leaning post.  This can be especially important if you are looking to sell your house in the near future as the mailbox is usually noticed right way.  If this fits you, read on for methods on how to fix a leaning mailbox post without digging or using concrete.

Repair for the Common 4×4 Wood Post

This task is easily accomplished using a simple product called the E-Z Mender.  We only recommend products that we feel are quality-made and that we buy ourselves (see the reviews on Amazon).  This will work regardless if your post is set in concrete, gravel, or dirt.

How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox PostHow to Fix a Leaning Mailbox Post

How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox Post


This reinforcer is over 2 feet long and made of black powder-coated 12-gauge steel.  Although originally designed for repairing wood privacy fence posts,we have found that it works excellent on wooden mailbox posts as well.  If you just have dirt or gravel surrounding your post, this anchor goes deep enough into the ground that your post will be more solid than when it was new.  If you have concrete surrounding your post, this anchor will still wedge in between the wood post and concrete, providing very solid support.

How to Fix a Leaning Mailbox Post


Fix leaning mailbox post




First, you will want to clear away a few inches of debris and dirt surrounding the existing post so that you are able to push the post to an upright standing position.  Then place one bracket flush against the post base and hammer in with a small 3-4 lb. sledge hammer.  The bracket has an impact ledge on the side for pounding on with your hammer.  You may find it easier to place a short 2×4 or wood block on the ledge to increase the amount of surface area.  Keep hammering until the ledge is about ground level or you have one foot of the bracket still above the ground.  If you are putting this into concrete, try to wedge the bracket between the post and the concrete.

After you have the anchor driven into the ground, you attach it to your post with nails or screws.  The are six pre-drilled holes in the bracket for this purpose.  The manufacturer recommends two E-Z Menders per post, one on each side.  However, you may find that using only one bracket will suffice, depending on your post and the ground conditions.

This option offers a quick DIY method on how to fix a leaning mailbox post, adding durable strength, without digging or using concrete.



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  1. Gregg

    Do you sell the EZ Mender, or would you be interested in an alternative method of repair? Sturdier, cheaper.

  2. Rose Poet

    I see where I can get the EZ mender, but what abut the brackets and screws that are to be used for this project? Where can those be found?

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