Mailbox Height & Placement – Official USPS Guidelines

Mailbox Height

Your mailbox height may not interest you most of the time, but rest assured that this is a very important topic to your mail carrier.  The USPS official mailbox regulations state that the mailbox should be positioned at a height between 41″ – 45″.

mailbox height

When measuring, take note that this height measurement is from the ground where your post is placed and not the road.  This is assuming that your post is on somewhat level ground.  If your post is on the downside of a hill, take this into consideration when measuring as this will position your box lower.  Also, notice that your measurement is to the bottom of the mailbox door, where the hinge is located.  This is the standard mailbox height that is most accessible from the mail carrier’s vehicle.  If you position the mailbox too high or too low, it may force the carrier to open their door to insert your mail.  This will not result in a happy mail carrier and we definitely want to keep those who are delivering our mail happy!  (See Unfriendly Mail Carrier)


Curb Placement

Equally as important, be sure the front edge of your mailbox is 6-8″ from the curb.  If you do not have a curb, place it 6-8″ from the edge of the road.  The distance you place the post from the road does not matter, it’s all about that front mailbox door.  This will enable your mail carrier to pull up to the mailbox, insert your mail, and proceed without having to exit the vehicle.

mailbox placement


Which side of the road?

Your mailbox placement should always be on the right side of the road on one-way streets.  That is, if you are driving down the road, your mailbox should be on your right side.  This is the direction the mail carrier’s route will naturally take as they are traveling down the road.

In rural settings, look at other mailboxes on the same road.  You will want your mailbox on the same side as the others, even if it means you must cross the road to get your mail.

Don’t forget to keep trash cans and vehicles a good distance from your mailbox to allow your carrier enough free clearance.  They will greatly appreciate this little courtesy!

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  1. Pamela Sullivan

    Where can you place your mailbox on the street? Does it matter if it’s near a sewer grate or white line So?

  2. L. Powell

    Where should RFD Mailbox be house mounted for handecaped delivery?

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